Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml
Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml
Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml
Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml
Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml
Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml

Combo Rosie Red + Cold Wax 100ml

The body care kit consists of Cold Wax 100ml and Body Scrub Rosie Red
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Wawawax Hair Removal Cold Wax 100ml contains three main ingredients: honey, lemon & sugar. It helps remove all unwanted hair and smoothens the skin.


For each 100ml set, you will get

  • 1 tube 100 ml
  • 2 Wooden Spatula
  • 1 Plastic Spatula
  • 20 Strip Wax


Wawawax is effective for :

1. Removing hair until the roots / Cabut bulu hingga ke akar

2. No need to heat the wax / Tidak perlu panaskan

3. Soften the skin / Melembutkan semula kulit yang kasar kesan cukur

4. Slow the hair growth / Melambatkan penumbuhan bulu

5. Remove the dead skin / Mencabut kulit mati

6. The hair will growth thinner than before / Bulu akan tumbuh lebih halus dari sebelum

7. No chemicals / Tiada campuran bahan kimia





Wawawax Body Scrub is specially formulated to remove dead skin cells & reduce ingrown hair caused by waxing or shaving. It will keep your skin smooth, exfoliated and hydrated after use, with unique formula combining natural ingredients including Himalaya Salt & Bengkoang Extract.


Gently exfoliates for smoother & softer skin: designed to provide gentle exfoliation before or after waxing, with a result of smoother and softer skin.


Boost skin hydration & nourishment: gently remove dead, dry skin while adding nourishing moisture through the power of Aloe Vera and Grapeseed Oil. It will savour the skin-boosting power of Vitamin E and help you look your best!


Enriched with natural ingredients: we source the best & high-quality ingredients and formulations. Re-mineralize your body with Himalaya Salt for your health and overall well-being.