About Us

Wawawax is a top Malaysian homegrown brand in hair removal.


In 2016, Wawawax launched its first product, which remains its flagship to date: Cold Wax Hair Removal.
Wawawax makes its debut in the personal care market the same year.As the brand grows
through many innovations in packaging and endorsements, Wawawax's foremost
motivation remains to garner utmost client satisfaction through quality products that speak
volumes on hair removal. As a complement to cold wax hair removal, Wawawax later
introduced Body Scrub, a Waxing Strip Kit, and other products.


Quality Product
Wawawax is committed to helping its clients achieve a memorable spa experience in the
comfort of their homes. As a result, the company implemented a money-back guarantee
policy from the start, allowing customers to return the product if there is a defect.This
demonstrates our commitment to providing excellent service.


Recognise Clients
Wawawax continues to focus its efforts on prioritising clients through the establishment of
loyal rewards programmes that run throughout the year whereby clients receive points for
every purchase. The company actively provides an enhanced customer experience as part
of the Wawawax brand.